Finding the right Bras size and support level can be difficult, but you are not alone!!! Here are some useful information to help you find the correct size and support.

When buying Sport Bras there are two main things you must know well; these are your Bras Size and the Support Level. In order for a Bra to fit properly it is essential to choose the right size and the correct support level accordingly with the type of activity you will perform.  Research shows that 70% of all women use the wrong Bra size. A poorly fitting Bra is often the reason why many women have backache and ultimately sagging.  Many other women do not feel confident doing a cardio hit or high intensity training with their Bras because the loose support may cause embarrassment.


Here are some easy steps that can help you determine your right Bras size and the impact or support level you need.

Step 1:

Find a measuring tape.

Step 2: Measure the following dimensions: Bust and Under bust

a) The measurement around the bust: wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust - nipple to nipple. Ensure that you don't pull the tape too tight; it should be snug, but still loose enough for you to fit a finger between the tape and your body. If the measurement is an odd number or a half size, round it up to the next even number (for example, 33 will actually be 34). This number is known as your band size.

 b) The measurement under the bust: wrap the measuring tape firmly around your chest, letting it rest just under your bust. Ensure that the tape lies flat against your back, again the tape should be snug, but still loose enough for you to fit a finger between the tape and your body.  This will be the second measurements that you need to determine your cup size.


Step 3: After you measure your bust and under bust dimensions is time to select your Bras size

Use the following chart as a reference..

Bust Measurement

Under Bust Measurement

Bras Size

82 – 85 CM

68 – 72 CM

X Small

86 – 90 CM

73 – 77 CM


91 – 95 CM

78 – 82 CM


95 – 100 CM

82 – 87 CM


100 – 103 CM

88 – 93 CM

X Large


Step 4: Now that you have your Bras size lest find out the support/impact level you require.


When shopping for sports bras you will see three ranges of support: Low, Medium and High. The support you need will depend on the activity you are doing.

  • Low-Support Sports Bras  These types of Bras provide the lightest level of support. Generally, these bras are good for low-impact activities such as yoga, pilates


  • Medium-Support Sports Bras – Women can typically use a medium-support Bra for activities like light gym training, jogging and cycling.


  • High-Support Sports Bras – These Bras  offer the maximum support possible during high-impact activities, particularly for those with larger busts. High-support bras are common in workouts and sports that involve running, cross training and dance.

Low Support Bras

Medium Support Bras

High Support Bras

Good For…

Good For…

Good For…




-Gym Training




-Cross Training

-High Intensity Workout

Typical Features

Typical Features

Typical Features

-Narrower straps and- bands, lighter weight

-Pullover style sold in S-L sizes without band adjustment

-Often compression bras that hold your breasts to the chest wall

-Restricts breast movement more than low-support bras

-Wider bands and straps

-Can be compression (holding breasts to chest wall) or encapsulation styles with separate cups (defining breast shape)

-Widest bands and adjustable shoulder straps

-Most likely encapsulation and compression styles with separate cups for highest support

-Hook-loop closures